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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Horrible cough! And the secret cause behind

I still have that horrible cough I blogged about on my first post of the year.  My mom is beginning get worried, and so I went to the doctor to have myself checked.   The lucky nurse who attended me in the hospital had informed me that I am late for the outpatient check up for I arrived near the cut-off.   "Maybe you can squeeze me in the lineup", I told him.  "You can go to the ER" he said.  I thought, what I am gonna do in the ER?

So I approached another mega lucky nurse in the ER, they let me seat for a while.  They check my blood pressure, and weigh me (I am 163 lbs now ehem! A big progress from 6 months back where I am 178 lbs) and asked some questions to help and find cure.  To my surprise this ultra-mega lucky nurse pushing a wheel chair approached me “sit here Mr.”  I was like are you talking to me, but then there’s no other else around so I seated.  And he pushed.  I turned red all-through the ride . Well I am glad they didn’t ask to remove my clothes when they captured my x-ray.  That was a short ride that felt so long.

Then the same nurse drive me back the ER and escorted me to the stretcher.   What is this? Not again.  Can’t they see I am not critical I went here all by myself!!!  Then  another ultra-mega-to-the-max lucky nurse put me to a nebulizer.  I can’t talk anymore so I just let them do what they are tasked to do.  Another super-duper-mega-ultra-to-the-max lucky nurse came and extracted my blood for CBC.  

Finally, I heard somebody calling my health insurance. It seems they were putting me to inpatient case.  Funny that was, so that’s what behind the special treatment.

The diagnosis?  Allergies from the sudden change of weather, and from no precise allergens -  the doctor said.  And he asked another follow up questions to support his findings.

Well, sometimes you had to say no for an answer.

To keep the wondrous secret.

That may cause you heart attack someday.

And bring that tormented feeling.

Lol.  I can't let go of them though I was diagnosed with bronchial asthma last year.

Cheers to good health!



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