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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cool weekend at Baguio

This is one of those last minute travels that turned out to be much fun!  We don’t have plans, we didn’t travel by the book but instead we let the road lead us to surprise.  At 10 AM Friday, a missed call from a friend awakens me.  I read the text message to rush to Cubao station for a 2PM bus ride.  So I packed all my things for a 2 days trip, brought 3k budget with me and go.

Lucky me a friend has access to stay all for free at a forest lodge at Camp John Hay.  We saved plenty of money staying in this comfy place, a 6 bedroom lodge, surrounded by the refreshing view of pine trees, overlooking a golf course.

It’s below 20 degrees, so we took this as an excuse to wear our bonnets and long sleeved shirts.  It’s not common in Manila to wear those.

The cold weather makes it suitable for flowers to grow.  At any angle you’ll see a bunch of it.  Roses, anthuriums even poinsettia they grow here.   I have this fantasy to put up a garden where I can grow herbs and flowers.  So I see now Baguio on my list of place to retire.  Too bad there’s no beach in the mountain, it would have been perfect.

Yes, she’s trying to absorb the scent.

So we walk and walk. Baguio tour will leave you with sore thighs that I assure you because there are lots to be seen of.  So be prepared, wear something comfortable.

Boat ride at Burnham Park
Buy strawberries
Say a little prayer at Baguio cathedral
Wright park right in front of The Mansion
If you're tired of walking, avail of a donkey ride
If you want something warm, visit Choco-late de batirol and experience the taste of hot chocolate prepared the traditional way
Mines view
Have a photo taken with the Igorots
The cool weather doesn’t tire us; we walk all day but we never sweat.  We even have the energy in the afternoon to do the famous jump shots.

And hair shots





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