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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

1st Stop: Macalauan Farm - Calauan

The town is famous for the killing of 2 UPLB students by former mayor of Calauan - Mayor Sanchez, hihihi. (Am I promoting laguna or what?). Among the 4 places we visited, this is where I enjoyed most. Why? Just because my long time dream of milking cow happened here. Yehey! I was able to milk a cow, but this is not just an ordinary cow it’s new zealand cow, two spotted cow – black & white – like what you see on Birch Tree.

Here I am, internalizing the milking session hihihi. Unfortunately, I haven’t got good captures of me milking the cow.

Also take notice of cows above, their eyes are swelling. It’s because a sucking machine – I don’t know how they call that – performs the suction of the cows milk. Its hurting them terribly. According to our guide, a single cow can fill in two containers of milk. The container’s size was like I think 5 gallons of water, I am not sure. But I think it’s the same size of the largest container of purified water we place in water dispenser. Yes they have plenty of milk, imagine if they don’t have those sucking machine, it would take them hours to totally fill in the container.

How pitty the cows are being abused, look at these!!!  How crowded they are in that cage they can’t even move a finger. Animal cruelty!. No I was just kidding hihihi! They are prisoned this way on purpose so that they won’t escape when they go wild over those sucking machine that’s hurting them. Poor thing. So don’t waste a drop of milk. Now I really do believe that those powdered milk are fomulated:
Milk = Tons of tears + Swollen eyes 
 You are not just after the spotted cow in this farm, the views  are great too.

They feed the cow “kapok”, a dried coconut with molasses in it. This what makes the milk taste milky-coconutty! I don’t know the word to best describe it but it’s the bestest fresh milk I’ve tasted so far!

3 cows

Another 3 cows, 1 hiding.

This is the old maiden all forlorn … That milked the cow with the crumpled horn…
That tossed the dog … That worried the cat … That killed the rat … That ate the malt … That lay in the house the jack built!

Group of cows are called herd like these. Its not courting season yet if I am not mistaken.

A baby cow! Only one week old, but already big as a full-grown dog.

They’re not related. FYI
At the end of the farm is a landscaped garden.

They have this mini "kubo" there, but weren’t able to stay to that kubo because Señora – the owner, is around. I am serious about the Señora thing. The "haciendero" and "haciendera" were actually called Señor and Señora there. I thought the connotation were only used in telenovela to imply social order. Since the cat is not away, we ended up strewing blanket anywhere and have a picnic. We spotted the best spot, under a tree and beside this striking man-made falls.

Lovely isn’t it. A striking view deserves a striking shot. So then an unplanned photoshoot was conducted.

The "Sumusunod sa galaw" pose.


The "Dyesebel" pose
Ok we’re done with Calauan. After your trip, you can buy sample of their product the prices are below it's worth while buying, you can’t find it in any supermarkets around (as far as i know).
1 Liter Milk – Php 80.00
Packed ready to drink millk – Php 20.00
Yogurt – Php 30.00
White cheese (kesong puti) – Php 120.00
I highly recommend you to buy the yogurt and milk, delicious. The kesong puti is one of the best kesong puti I also tasted by far. Its not salty at all unlike the others. Our tour guide suggested to make cheese sticks with it  and I tried it it was good. The cheese was like mozarella, it melts and sticks on your teeth like bubble gum. Don’t forget to bring coolers, you will need it so your milk will not spoil and reach manila still fresh. They will provide you the ice don’t worry.




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