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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2nd Stop: The Old Houses of Pila - Pila

Pila was recognized as National Historic Landmark by the National Historic Institute. Pila is actually a small town composed of old spanish houses. If you plan to take photoshoot, bring barong and barot saya with you, capture in sepia tone and then there walah! you have now time travelled. Picture that you are Sisa looking for Basilio and Crispin hihihi.

Most of the restored houses are situtated around the town’s municipal hall. It is what you called “Ayuntamiento” in the spanish colonization era, where residents surrounding the ayuntamiento are those of “Maharlika” or high classes. I was born one. Ehem. That’s the municipal hall above.

Fire trees are all over the square. It makes a good photo background.

Do remember that the secret for a stunning shot, is a good background take that in mind. Hihihi. Peace Michi you're gorgeous in this photo (imagine how I am crossing my fingers at my back while typing this). And so this photo of teacher Joel its so F4.

Photoshop really did a great job! Hehehe. No this is not photoshopped. This was shot by world renowned  photographer Mauro Zamora with his high-tech Canon camera with built-in photoshop. Hihihi.

I am a fan of old architectures. If ever I’ll be building my dream house it would certainly be inspired by old houses like these. If only most of houses in metro manila were like these, if we just adapt the old designs for new houses being built, then our culture will be enriched and not doubtful. We should proliferate Filipino identity, at least in houses designs. Filipino touch in house design and interiors are deteriorating, we are getting more modern, and I am afraid the next generation will missed this.




sp said...

impressive! this blog deserves a recognition. keep it up!

mylovelylife88 said...

Wow great shots! I agree with you. If only we can preserve this kind of houses, then we can preserve our culture as well. I hope Pila would stay the same and won't be affected by commercialization. Sana ma-preserve natin yung mga places natin sa Pinas that still reflects our culture. :-)

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