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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Manila has romantic skyline

Me, not being a fan of skyscrapers would look up to a skyline as beautiful as those that you see on postcards from Europe.  Remember the scene when Johnny Depp was running away from an Italian cops in the movie The Tourist?  When he jumped off a terrace and escape by running from one clay tiled roof house to another?  That was beauty, so romantic you will fell in love with the place.

A europish??? skyline is what I wanted.  Something that has mega churches, a clock tower and red toned roofs.

Close enough?  Pwede!!!  If we've not been a subject of the world war, Manila wouldn't be greatly devastated then, and Spanish structures will still be abundant in this area.

So how was I able to capture Manila in this angle?  You go to Intramuros and search the tallest structure around.   Go climb up the penthouse of Bayleaf Hotel Intramuros.

While going up, take some time to fix yourself cause you need it.

A sossy dining is on the top floor.  So sossy it was called 9 spoons.  Those born with a silver spoon can only avail of their price.  $-)  It's not actually pricey as I've expected it to be.

When you arrive here after 5pm and make use of their seating;  don’t get surprise when a waiter comes to you and serves you a glass of water.  It's their subtle way of saying umorder ka ha ano ka sinusuwerte. Lol.

They also offer buffet dinner at 700 something.  The restau closes at 1am.

And you’ll be serenaded with romantic songs too from a live band.

Plus, if it’s your b-day you’ll get a complimentary cake and a b-day song from the crews (who were too delighted to sing as if they'll have a slice of that cake hihi).

It's a quiet place to chit chat and chill out with friends.

It’s a nice place too, to have your business meetings.

And do some photoshoots ofcourse.

So happy I found this place.   We found this by chance when attended an art exhibit.  This curator who's making the moves to my friend brought us here.  I wonder if they got to spend a romantic date here.

It is seldom you will find place alike where you get to enjoy almost everything –   fresh air, beautiful scenery, good music and good food.  Been here three times and I’ll be back for more.




Vallarfax said...

A different look at Manila. How adorable. :)

Anonymous said...

amazing!! -kamil

Jack said...

thanks guys!!! your my first visitor of the yr

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