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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

On Becoming Coehlo

Pardon the grammar. So so many of them...

I am doing freelance web development / design / administration job

Hope that this reaches those kind-hearted people, and people with good sense of taste!  I am accepting freelance web development / design / administration job at a very affordable rate for a quality work guaranteed!  Sample of my work are in here: .

This website was actually one of my masterpiece. Ehem!

Maintenance service for existing website:
* Simple web page changes (i.e. new page, content change, layout adjustment) = Php 300.00 per page
* Error troubleshooting (i.e. website down, website bug) = Php 500.00
* New web page design/layout = Php 1000.00 (negotiable depending on complexity)
* New dynamic function (ie. search, chat, newsletter, paypal, shopping cart) = price starts at Php 700.00 but varies depending on complexity

New website project:
* Complete website development (maximum of 15 pages) = Php 20,000 (still negotiable depending on requirements)
- 1 main page design layout, plus 1 design layout for supporting pages
- search, contact us, social media sharing functions included
- additional Php 1,000 for any simple dynamic functions (i.e. newsletter, chat etc). Price varies for complex function such as paypal, credit card integration and shopping cart.
- 6 months free support, w/c include free service for simple adjustment of web page design, content update and error troubleshooting.
- hosting fee excluded

Do contact me at for more details. Power!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Art is cool

So am I? Hahaha.  I'm not updating my blog this past few days, I mean months because I am not in the mood for it.  You have to understand that an artist like me (ehem. feelings nothing more than feelings) are moody by nature, because our best work (yes i am claiming i had one haha) and creativity is nothing without painful crashes!

Yes, I am mad today because my doppelganger- Jed Madela is getting so much attention lately because he does painting too. I can't hardly believe it , cos I only thought that my voice sounded beautifully as his. Hehe.

 photo b3ebc40818f753afa2a0d003e80c40a461d8159ebb8c9b07af8a5fb38b992919_zpsxyrassnr.jpg

I chose watercolour as my medium of painting, because I heard it is one of the unforgiving one so I am quite curious that I have to try and play around with it.
 photo 29245d99d511f8baffcee1c3d0982a57785715b2451632b1fa8366b5b9706e7e_zpsqpcfyy1s.jpg

 photo b71048e6fafdf830b68661e4be11f7f5c458735c8d63e9d8f7317a4f62f5dcd0_zpsalhco6c6.jpg

 photo 5a3882e22bf1a93dd44790f0d358e7890d25663efbb1dee636c9acbc549113ab_zpszave7n5e.jpg

 photo 23397e97a60fac0e918f63d37cbac83fec769b48b62841b143534696ef1a4d50_zpshn3tzrpq.jpg

 photo d9adebfee3557c2353e378c7e384cfb3c71f82c4096648a9d50b9ad90d4649b4_zpsblcotf3k.jpg

I like the subtlety that watercolour can bring.  The texture is quite difficult to manage though. This new hobby is a work in progress.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What I Feel

Wish I tell you what I feel
But I fear it’s not meant telling
I fear for the right words to choose
Nor the ears that would listen

I lone for my emotion to act
The sincerest, but I prefer not to
Not this time, nor tomorrow,
I could never tell
The right time as I always say,
But the clock continuous ticking
Tick tock, I hope for the day it strike me

I wish the world is not an A,B,C
That each is everyone
That I fit somewhere there
In that beautiful place
With you and I, or We
Living the 3 words
No thoughts, no worries

But it could never be
Not at least today
But it'll happen
When the lights are off
It happens

Hope I belong here,
Before that came
It'll happen