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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Biking / Cycling / Bicycling

Feeling the breeze of the air whispering at both side of your ears, and seeing moving clouds are considerably one of simple pleasures of life. I knew some of you would prefer their car’s window open while driving just to let the air tap your cheeks. It gives soothing feeling right?

That’s what I love about biking. Biking will make you enjoy these, as well as the both benefits of exercise and relaxation. If you are like me whose fats got stock at most on the legs rather than having evenly distributed fats, then you try biking  to tighten that legs and get in shape. Charge that to a FITNESS expert (wishful thinking).

I like it better than any form of exercise; it does not keep me off my sedentary lifestyle. Hehehe.

The bike I am using above is a portable folding bike. How cool can that be?

It can fit in your car’s back compartment.

However, you will feel awkward using it if your body built is colossal like our model (colossal is huge in other term hehehe, I just made it sound muscular).  

Though you will find the wheels small compared to most bikes; you’ll go distant with it. In fact, I circled the entire UP. It’s actually easy to pedal; it doesn’t tire out my leg that much even when pedalling on leaning path. But it caused contusion on my right knee, the handlebar was low and keeps banging my knee when pedaling. Well, I didn't mind. I didn't notice it not until I stopped.

It is just right for women.

Being a pro-environment, I convince you use environmentally sustainable form of transport such as bike. Yes you can live an active at the same time environmental-friendly lifestyle!

I am really enjoying this bike. I am going to buy one for myself soon.

FYI: The bike is made of Dahon, este by Dahon. You can check their site




Chanak said...

i love biking. its good you found a great spot.
do this often you might loose some pounds.. :)
goodluck! :)

Jack said...

Kamil - I need to lose 10 lbs. I'll have to work my butt off

Jack said...

^ to get back my sexy built again. lol

L said...

I enjoy ciycling too, but I don't have a compact bike. I have this hybrid from Gary Fischer. I haven't used it since I got injured (still traumatized LOL). And I also need to lose about 8-10 lbs.

kay said...

Akala ko pa naman ikaw yung model. Hahaha. I don't know how to ride a bike. Gah!

Sp said...

So, when are going to see Dahon's showroom here in Quezon Ave.?

Crisena said...

wow i wanna see your sexy built :)

Jack said...

L – 10 lbs? you kidding me? Hhmm, I underestimated mine I need to lose 20 lbs then, it’s unjust we are aiming to lose the same weight. Lol

Kay – I don’t model for free. Hihihi

SP – I’m free anytime its up to you, youll be the one driving hehehe :D

Crisena – you scare me.joke. Mga 5 yrs pa

totomai said...

saw compact bikes here too. pretty convenient.

i enjoy biking but the bike doesn't return the favor lol

Jack said...

Totomai - hehehe, change your accelerator gear yun tipong half meter per pedal

Thirdy Lopez said...

Kay - Ako rin di marunong mag-bike! LOL

Pero Jack, that bike is cool... Imagine bringing that in your luggage when you leave the country... PWEDE!

Jack said...

Thirdy - korek. eto nga't magiipon ipon na ko

Aisa said...

ang gwapo mo sa 3rd pic na yun!

aisa said...

wow 1072 views

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