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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What I learned now that I am 28

I learned to live day by day and that tomorrow is never a promise, and yesterday are yesterdays. I’ve learned to control over my life, and that your life will only work if you take full control of it. I’ve learned to plant love more than anything, but you must love yourself above all else. I’ve learned to open my doors when somebody’s knocking; and to give a tip when somebody’s doing a good job.  You wouldn't know you might be saving someone else’s life. I’ve learned to invest in friendship, a friendship you can celebrate your life with, and the kind of friendship that will make you feel you exist.   I’ve learned that you are the beginning and the end of your parent’s suffering. You owe them kindness and unconditional love they deserve nothing more, and it is plain simple. I’ve learned to cry when I feel it’s the only salvation; and I thank God for this wondrous gift that heals a wounded heart. I’ve learned that no matter how down you feel at times, you have to smile and live with spirit. We all struggle but we have to continue to live the shadow of the life everyone else has.       


~ Don Bennie 


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