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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Quick update

Hello!  It's been months of silence, no updates coming from this blog.  Anyway, just wanted to write something quick as the past months has been crazy for me really!

Positive things that happened #1 (Cling!) - I passed and was qualified to enter a graduate course at the University of the Philippines.  I am attending classes now with 6 units.  I take the 3 units on early morning saturday, the other 3 on spooky monday night.  My golly, can't believe it nobody's inviting me to join a ride at my night class. Humanda sila di ko sila bibigyan ng discount sa auto supply namin hihih.

Positive things that happened #2 (Caching!) - Miraculous!  Cannot believe it in my own very eyes, my beloved company can give an above 20% increase for someone like me who never leaves facebook unattended.

Positive things that happened #3 (Caching!)  - To flyyyy is everything!  Most especially when someones carrying your luggage for you.  Okay, been with 4 travel trips 1 is still coming, and I'd never paid 100% of the cost.  Friendships truly are a blessings.  Just back yourself up with some art of social climbing you wouldn't pay a 100% , never again.

Positive things that happened #4 (Cling!) - My hardwork pays off.  I was awarded Q4 Heroes for demonstrating excellence at work!  Love your work, it won't love you back yes.... but you have no choice but to love it or else you're making 60% of your daily life miserable. Poor you.

Positive things that happened #5 (Cling!) - My beautiful sister gave birth to my very first beautiful nephew.  What a beautiful world it is for us!

Yes! A lucky year for me that was, take note this is just the mid year.  I am too excited for what's in store for the coming days.  I appreciate you my dear Lord for all the blessings, even the simple ones like when I washed my clothes and hung them.  I always pick the exact number of hangers equal to the number of clothes I've washed.  Can you imagine?

Hope you reading this are well blessed too.  To God be the glory!

Love you!



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