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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Papa Francisco Wave! And Your Unwavering Faith

 “I feel good. I feel nice. I’ve never been satisfied. I’m alive! Sing!”, that’s the exact word I heard from a friend as I asked how he feel when he seen the Pope. It was his 3rd surreal encounter as he said.  Me as a non believer of Catholicism couldn't imagine myself having that same reaction seeing the Pope as for me he is just an ordinary human like me.  Sitting next to him, would be like sitting with a stranger as I don’t know his history, good deeds or whatsoever.  The Pope must be filled with holiness that had caused you such feeling, said my other friend.  It suddenly dawned on me that probably it is the same feeling I had when I got baptized from a non-catholic religion.

Faith has long been a debatable topic, which I do not want to bring up without a gun in my pocket. Kidding aside, setting aside religion, we argued about how faith is earned.  Faith for me is radical, meaning you had to had this foundation or basis of your faith. It is a relationship wherein you are highly dependent on God, and his teachings.  The Bible – the God’s word is my foundation and my faith are all based into it.  Preach and teach me anything, I will believe you for as long you back it up with verses from His word.

This friend of mine warned me of the trouble with radical faith, the danger that when my foundation crumbles my faith will too.   Faith needs no basis of foundation. He pointed out that even when you read the whole text of the Bible, if you disagree to get it, you won’t.  Resistance is too deceiving to be even aware what is beyond.  My other friend added that sometimes you just have to trust, without facts.  There may come a time that we’ll encounter inexplicable events, like the feeling of holiness during Pope’s presence, but all we have to do is to trust and have faith.

So come the conclusion that I have to contemplate on this matter, as there’s no forever winner in this battle.  I went downstairs, there I see my brother watching over television in full volume. When I went back, I heard one of the Papal lead shouting “ Papa Francisco wave!”. I heard it several times.  This got me thinking, if my faith dictates to shout praises to him I will do incessantly.  So I leave my friends the same message via messenger “Papa Francisco wave!”, but nobody replies as if nobody cares.

Not so long ago, I was reading the book of The Art of Thinking Clearly. One article talks about “Social Proof  - If Fifty Million People Say Something Foolish, It Is Still Foolish”.  In a nutshell, the article tells about the human thinking that by nature we deem to follow what the majority does, even without underlying support or reason for our choices.  So what is a true faith for you?


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