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Sunday, April 7, 2013

My skinny fishy wallet

It’s a miracle!  I spent my weekend at home.  I have no money what can I do hihih.

I am so broke.  I want to earn more but no I can’t I am just an ordinary office employee excited for his monthly payouts.  It’s still 5 days before pay day and I only have more or less Php 500 on my wallet. It fits my fishy wallet look.

I switched my wallet to this just so I can find reason not to bring my ATMs and credit cards all the time.  I have the tendency to overspend, not on shopping no no but mostly on foods and groceries.  So while on job hunting mode, I’ll be using this one.

Now in for the good news, God is so good!  My own Bombay my cat gave birth to a 7 healthy babies.  I will sell them all to make money wohoo!

Look oh.  Take notice of the 3 more babies in line for the milk
Look oh.  The cutie is being strangled.

My sister will also give birth this coming June wohoo!!!  But no we will not sell her baby.  I wanted to become the best Uncle to her - this is the first grandchildren of my parents you know, the first of its kind.  I need to earn more to support them.

I remember, I bought my preggy sister an Anmum the folate milk. Cause she was like telling me in a subtle way that she cannot afford to buy one at that time.  Being the best brother, ehem, I know her situation even without telling me so go I swiped the CC.  It’s too expensive, 5 times the equivalent of non-formula milk.  When the bill came, I cannot fully pay cause I have other dues on the pipeline.

I don’t want this to happen again.  I resign! Need to fatten up my skinny fishy wallet.




halfwhiteboy said...

aww... but 7 kittens? woah!

Jack said...

yes 7! as in 21k in all hihihi

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