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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cycling like a Pro - from Manila Bay, EDSA to Makati

We’ve been invited by a friend to meet up with her fiancé.  There’s no exact venue yet where we will get together, yet me and my another assuming friend had decided that it would be better if we go biking to MOA since we’ve thought we’ll meet up somewhere near or in Dampa where mostly foreigners are being toured for local Filipino dish.

It was late afternoon when we left Malate.  The sun is just peeking through the clouds.  The time was just right to escape the burning heat of the sun especially now that it’s summer.

I am happy that the striking manila bay sunset joined us on this ride.  It felt so peaceful.

Not until we phoned our friend for the meeting place. They are waiting for us in Makati.  My golly, once I heard I fall on deaf ears.  It’s a long way there.  Not just long but dangerous.  We had to pass the hustle and bustle street of EDSA.  And when you said EDSA, it’s deadly with the buses and trucks around, and the pollution that enters your lungs.

We had to carry our bikes to climb the overpass and cross some streets.  EDSA is not bicycle-friendly at all.  I see no bike lane on bound to north.  Hello, government yuhuu... it's about time to promote cycling to save not just the environment but ourselves from loose fatty saggy legs.  Please allocate space for cyclist!

Wohoo! We survived safely and stinky. Hihihi. I just hope this British finds us fresh not smelly.

Lessons learned:  Before you assume, ask!




halfwhiteboy said...

i actually haven't been on a back for such a long time now. that you had to carry your bike up the overpass reminded me that it sucks we don't have bike lanes around the metro.

Jack said...

oh yes. i drunk 5 glasses of water after that ride

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