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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Job Hunting

Presently, I’ve been actively searching for a new job. Primary reason is financial, second is career growth. I am pretty much enjoying my present company, the people and compensations they endowed me. I’ve been staying with them for more than three years now, I felt like it’s about time finding a new one. As the saying goes “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” I am learning a lot from my current job, but so lacking opportunity. And I want a job that will land me to different places; I want to travel the world!!!

I prepared a neat CV and attached a deceiving photo; you know the HR once they receive your CV it is the photo they first look at. It normally goes from top-right, top-left to bottom: Photo > Name > Credentials. If the photo is good-looking, the recruiter will allot more time staring at it; then take note of the applicant’s contact number, stalk applicant’s facebook account, getting obsessed a little forgetting reading applicant’s credentials, yearning to meet the applicant in person resulting to a face-to-face interview hahaha. On the other hand, if the photo is Shrek looking, hmm I don’t want to comment. I don’t want to sound discriminatory hihihi. But more often than not, they’re intellectual ha. God showered his blessings evenly. :o)

When my phone rings, kring kring, expect it’s a call from an employer. I rarely receive calls (less than 15 a year?), my friends doesn’t call me at all although I do have lots of friends. I rarely text too, my friends knows that. But I reply a lot, I want the last word to come from me.

When I answer calls from recruiter, I answer it discreetly as I possibly can. I don’t want my boss to know of my plan of leaving the company. They will lose a wish bone if I did! I’m an asset hihihi.

So I came up with a master plan.

My office is like a church, so still you can hear a pin drop. Your voice echoes the entire room. I will not answer my phone in my workstation no no, not unless a name appears in the mobile screen hihihi. From my workstation (it’s beside this hard-working lady browsing facebook), it's 4 meters walk from the exit. The caller needs to wait 15 seconds before I answer it. I keep my phone on silent mode, and when I see it ringing, I hurdle to the exit.

I say the sweetest hello when answering calls. It makes good impression. And I try to smile answering calls, your mood reflects in some way on how you sounded on the phone. I don’t want to sound stressed, companies don’t like that. They want someone who can deal with stress, someone who reacts positively to difficult situations, someone who enjoys working in a challenging environment, someone like me Lol.

I already got a job offer from a company with fun environment, which could provide trainings and certifications. A company that can transform me to become the very best that I can become. A company that is virus-free hihihi (hint). Sadly, I declined. The salary was higher but the package itself can't compete with the current one I have (I have HMO for myself and parents, Group Insurance, Transpo and Medical allowances). I made the right decision I believe. But I really want to get in this company they have pretty lot of good looking people there Lol. I even stalked my future officemates if ever, through my friend’s facebook account hahaha. The HR was so accommodating too I commend her, she offered me fresh juice.

I am hoping this company I applied recently - which I really like, would call me. I am crossing my fingers, and locking my jaws too.




andoyzki said...

cool !! ^_^

Jack said...

andoy - oist. wala lang

aisa said...

" I even stalked my future officemates if ever"... ehem! is it me that you staked? hahaha

aisa said...

yes, exactly you made the right decision, i envy your compensations and benefits

Crisena said...

stalker! tinignan mo facebook ko no? haha

Jack said...

Aisa & Crisena - sayang!!! gusto ko pa naman dyan ang lapit lapit kaso luge ako. :o(

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