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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Don't Worry Be Happy

I was billed Php 1,500 annual fee for my HSBC credit card, whoah! I am not paying for that as I usually do. So I called HSBC hotline yesterday to waive it. They have new policy now compared last year. You need to purchase at least Php 5K worth of anything to get waived; last year you just have to swipe/use your card 5 times. Wise decision, Php 5K is too much to some they will earn interest.

So I called 85-800, a lady attended my call and then left her goodbye and thank you. After the call I shouted “Oh no, I have to go shopping!”, then sang out loud this song in my mind – Don’t Worry Be Happy (Bobby McFerrin). I sang it with full emotion while flicking my fingers. It took me around 10 seconds until I realized somebody was laughing. It was the agent’s voice coming from the phone’s loud speaker. She told me I can hang the phone now and I said I’m sorry. I mistakenly pressed the loud speaker!!! I was ashamed of myself.

That what happens when LSS attacks (Last Song Syndrome). Too bad, it wasn’t a talent manager who I called up. If it was, I should have had my Araneta concert next month.




totomai said...

lol. just wait for that audio in youtube

aisa said...

Sana you asked the agent to sing with you! hahaha

kay said...

Hahahahaha. I used to work at HSBC. The 5k thinghas been in place since 2007. :)

Jack said...

Totomai - maari baka maging viral in no time sisikat ako Lol. Wag naman sana

Jack said...

Aisa - di ko naisip yun

Jack said...

Kay - I see pero ang sabi mag swipe lang ako 5 times last yr :o)

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