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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ten Commandments

My life, it had turned out-of-tune lately.  Before, I had fun playing music and singing all day.  Now my voice gets a little rough.  Did the wine manifest its adverse effect?  Did insufficient sleep cause this diaphragm to contract?  Or was it because I am getting old?  Well it’s never too late to vocalize, so let’s do this!

I come to an idea to set my very own 10 commandments.  These 10 commandments will serve as my guiding principles - measurable principles that I learned through experience, had great influence to my own definition of happiness.

From this day on, I promise to abide these 10 commandments:

1.  Leave the donuts at work. I pity those who bring the donuts at home. Don’t you find that special sweetness at home, not just at work?
2.  Do not ever flip the calendar backwards. Don’t focus on the past, just move forward.
3. Never fry two eggs all at once, or else you’ll get a scramble. Do it one step at a time. Take it easy.
4. Kiss that mama goodbye. If not in a hurry, give her XOXO. Show your family more love.
5. Feeling invisible is not bad as you might think about it. Invisibility tops the choice of supernatural powers. Be real, live with passion, and get lost in the trend.  It doesn’t make you less as a person when your shoes are not branded.
7. Life has so many questions. Do not limit yourself to ask for more.
8. Go for a no-diet weight loss approach called “Lifestyle change”.
9. Begin the day with a goal to be peaceful. Leave the day with an accomplished task, from a very simple changing your bed sheets, to a more complex like learning a new piece of music. Wouldn’t it be nice to sleep with fresh pillows and with good music putting you to a lullaby?
10. Connect with friends. A simple hi hello everyday will do.

So help me God.




sp said...

very good, jack! you are getting better and better!

i truly agree with no. 3 and i really love no. 4.

Jack said...

it's truly amazing

chanak said...

good read! :)

Jack said...

thanks for the visit. im very honored. like an honor student

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