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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Live Healthy! Jog at UP

This year started really really good. I had a good feeling this year will be a very good year for me. I have achieved so much in the first three weeks of this year:

Week 1 – Met new people/friends 
Week 2 – Passed a certification.
Week 3 – Started weekly exercise, which will be a weekly routine from now.

Meeting new friends, taking certifications are 2010 resolution of mine that I haven’t met. Exercising I met it so so by doing my daily 30 count sit-up. I think I need more it doesn't show any improvements on my body.

Exercising is still a goal of me that I want to carry out the entire year. And so for the third week of this year, I and my office friend tried out to jog at UP (University of the Philippines).

What I like about jogging here is it’s free and you engage with mother nature too which I like. The full grown trees serves as your natural umbrella from the sun’s burning heat. When we went there, the weather was just right, not that hot and you don’t need sunblock.  

And what’s even more motivating to exercise at UP is that, food is available anywhere!

You can eat at food stall

Call Manong mang- tataho

Sweet corn

Pichi pichi

So if you are the type who want to exercise but want to retain that fats you have been taking care of, then UP is just perfect for you.

I’ll give an example. FYI, the calorie you burn in a kilometre run varies depending on your age, sex and weight. Let’s say you are an average size (assuming you are cause you are not, if not then what made you interested reading this?). For an average sized person you may burn approximately 166 calories in a kilometre run (source). To make up the 166 calories you burned in a kilometre run (which roughly the size of the entire UP running lane, or a one lap run), here are the options:

Option 1: Buy sweet corn, make it three. A cup of corn kernels contains 165 calories
Option 2: Drink taho, make it five. 100 grams of soya drink (1 taho cup) contains 35 calories
Option 3: Drive thru at McDo and buy their medium sized French fries. It contains 380 calories (source). So double your laps,  run 2.5 kilometers, before choosing this option.


Imagine? You need to run 2 kilometers to burn the calories you gained from eating French fries! No wonder Jollibee is plump, and why Ronald McDonald is slim? 

I hope my Week 4 would be a lot better. I'm waiting for a job offer. Hihihi. 




kay said...

I hate running and jogging. I'm too lazy.

I'd dance ....

Jack said...

i also love dancing and do the macarena

Anonymous said...

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water...

Jack said...

♫ ♪♫ tra... la. la. la. la la la.. tra la la la la. and jill came tumbling after ♫ ♪♫

Aisa said...

Hi Jack, Im rose. How are you? :)

Jack said...

I'm good. I'm onboard with Superferry

Aisa said...

Nice entry. I want to jog too but I have no time and yeah Im too lazy for that.
Nice place! I want to try this

Jack said...

Aisa - You can join us anytime as long as you bring snacks with you if not then forget it

Aisa said...

I know I dont have to bring foods with me coz you'll be sharing yours

L said...

Ah, I miss my alma mater. I should visit it again soon.

I'm too lazy to jog. LOL. I prefer to dance and/or go cycling. :)

chanak said...

i do jog at manila bay too, lets jog together sometimes! goal: 10k! :)

Jack said...

L - the garden is still sunken this days :D

Kamil - sure! text text na lang

Leah@theorangetub said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

I hardly jog at UP Dil anymore. Though its really one of the best places to jog in QC...oh yeah, aside from minimal air pollution, after jogging treats are accessible, too.

I get a scoop of FIC at the the flavor..and the price, too!

Jack said...

Leah - wow I love FIC. Will probably have one on my next visit

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