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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Laguna Road Trip

A new team lead has been hired as part of our team, and to break the barriers between the old (i.e. SP hehehe) and the new, the team decided to have a road trip! No one  from the team experienced road tripping before so we decided to visit a place near manila, Laguna! 
Definitely we’ll not get lost there,  it would just take you 2 hours or less to reach Manila.
When we speak of Laguna, Mt. Makiling comes to our mind as well Jose Rizal’s house from Calamba and Pagsanjan falls – these are their famous landmarks. Unbelievably, we didn’t visit any of these.  Laguna has a lot to offer has a lot to offer, they have more than that.

I volunteered to prepare the itinerary for our travel, ehem,  as if I am well-travelled so I just pretended to be. I am just being proactive for the long waited promotion. Hihihi. So there. So to get our itinerary off the ground, I used this simple yet very helpful map to trail our destination. Among the town shown in the map, we only drop off to 4 towns, Calauan Pila Kalayaan > Paete.
* I created a separate post on each pitstop. Click the link to view that page




Anonymous said...

tour mo din kmi jan, gusto ko ma try ung exotik food.. -kamil

manong calbo said...

New team lead? CC or BPO? :)

Jack said...

Bokals - Nope. Dev team lead. :D

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