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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

3rd Stop: Exotik Restaurant - Kalayaan

If you find that I mispelled Exotik, your wrong. It is spelled that way.  

It would take you 20-30 minutes to reach Exotik restau from Pila. The restau was built beside a hill. You would need to climb several steps to reach the top.

Climbing up is tiring but look at the bright side. It is a good exercise for the oldies. Hihihihi.

It takes extra sweat to reach the top. But just don’t mind it, the view will blew you away. Its overlooking Laguna de Bay.
As the name implies, Exotilk restau offers exotic cuisine. If you want a challenging meal, go order pating, snake, rabbit, pagong, sawa.

Our reaction upon seeing the menu.

I don’t get it why you have to make eating hard for you. Good thing we arrived on a perfect timing, exotic food are not serve during lunch so we order ginataang alimasag, bulalo, sweet & sour etc. etc. The viand cost around 150 to 300 per serving.




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