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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What I Feel

Wish I tell you what I feel
But I fear it’s not meant telling
I fear for the right words to choose
Nor the ears that would listen

I lone for my emotion to act
The sincerest, but I prefer not to
Not this time, nor tomorrow,
I could never tell
The right time as I always say,
But the clock continuous ticking
Tick tock, I hope for the day it strike me

I wish the world is not an A,B,C
That each is everyone
That I fit somewhere there
In that beautiful place
With you and I, or We
Living the 3 words
No thoughts, no worries

But it could never be
Not at least today
But it'll happen
When the lights are off
It happens

Hope I belong here,
Before that came
It'll happen


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