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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I am doing freelance web development / design / administration job

Hope that this reaches those kind-hearted people, and people with good sense of taste!  I am accepting freelance web development / design / administration job at a very affordable rate for a quality work guaranteed!  Sample of my work are in here: .

This website was actually one of my masterpiece. Ehem!

Maintenance service for existing website:
* Simple web page changes (i.e. new page, content change, layout adjustment) = Php 300.00 per page
* Error troubleshooting (i.e. website down, website bug) = Php 500.00
* New web page design/layout = Php 1000.00 (negotiable depending on complexity)
* New dynamic function (ie. search, chat, newsletter, paypal, shopping cart) = price starts at Php 700.00 but varies depending on complexity

New website project:
* Complete website development (maximum of 15 pages) = Php 20,000 (still negotiable depending on requirements)
- 1 main page design layout, plus 1 design layout for supporting pages
- search, contact us, social media sharing functions included
- additional Php 1,000 for any simple dynamic functions (i.e. newsletter, chat etc). Price varies for complex function such as paypal, credit card integration and shopping cart.
- 6 months free support, w/c include free service for simple adjustment of web page design, content update and error troubleshooting.
- hosting fee excluded

Do contact me at for more details. Power!


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