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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Yesterday, I started my day with a smile, smiling at my mother welcoming me on a new day.

Mama:  You look bloated. Your face beginning to look like palanggana (basin)
Me:   T__T

So I went to the office a little frustrated. At some point, I began thinking what happened the other night. And this what happened:

While I am on my way home, in the jeepney; I hand over my pamasahe to this man sitting beside me. He courteously gave the pamasahe to the driver and returned the change to me.

There’s nothing unusual about this, but there is about the man. His nose, it almost occupy the entire population of his face!  I smiled alone losing sanity remembering this. I am glad my face is just a palanggana while this man is turning into an elephant.

Forgive me. I don’t intend to hurt somebody’s feelings. I just need a good laugh. Peace!

I know this is not a good joke either.




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