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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Friends from all Time and Ages

Whew, been busy these past few days because of the deadline I am working on. This post is late. I haven’t got a chance to have time for myself, even on weekends I work. Anyway, thanks to the following people who have invited me to take some of my time off to breathe for a while, and cool down my burnt out self.

Two weeks ago Saturday, I met-up with two of our Bloggers Club member at MSE to talk about the club we are forming. We are around 30 in the group but only the 3 of us came.

They are good-looking noh? We should have form a star circle club instead Lol. I felt little around these two. Ms. Kulayful, a former model, is as height as me and Mr. Irresponsible is tall he’s 6’3.  I feel at ease with these people maybe it has something to do with our likeness in physical aspect Lol. We’ve talked as if we’ve known each other before. I am looking forward to meeting you again.

The next saturday, I met with my barkada which I haven’t met since December of last year. I organized the meet –up and decided to try MSE again. I am over-eager with this meeting and flooded my friends with messages that we should be complete but as usual, the 4 kaladkarins were only present.

Being the organizer, I made it a point that everything is put in order. For that reason, I arrived 1 and half hour late and did not make any reservations Lol. We waited for a while until our turn to calm down our already growling stomach.

I’ve known them for more than 8 years. I like their company because we share the common behaviour. We don’t party and we are all crazy.

I'm a vegetarian and soon to be a PETA model
All of my barkadas are injected and safe. If you just knew, we have lots of crazy photos taken kept encrypted and better not shown off to the normal world. Lol, I am so bad. These people are great! We will be travelling the world together even when that dentures epoch came and winter follicles. There’s no moment of silence being with them. Love you love you! We should go out more!

The day after this event Sunday, I experienced to time travel for a while. I was invited by a friend from circa 70’s to join her and her friend to watch and hear the performance of the Madrigal singers and to observe as well how leisure are spent on their generation. I also got interested because I’ve been waiting for the Madrigal choir to discover my God-given talent ehem.

We seated in the lawn, we are at Boni high btw, while listening to this choir. 

Beside this cute dog.

The two girls with one of the heartthrob member.

As I was there listening to the choirs' soulful voices, and observing the surroundings of different kind and ages; of smelling of the fresh cut grass and earthly soil, whilst watching the time passes by. I felt kinda sad. So this is the feeling when you’ve been neglected and sent to the home for the aged. Lol.

The girl with the correction glass, is an officemate. She’s from a different team and had been a friend of mine for more than three years. I don’t have any choice as she’s seating right next to me Lol. And I don’t mingle that much with my team-mate because they are my competition Lol. Kidding aside, she’s a friend who you should have and very rare to find. There had been several times I’ve asked her of her talent, and was told nothing but an “I don’t know” answer. You know Esperanza, you have this wonderful gift of wisdom to share relevant advises to people. No wonder you have plenty of friends with whom made you feel complete even you have NBSB. Lol. Please let me still ride your car on my way to home. Nice meeting you again Joy!

I didn’t spend that much on our gimik. Thank you Pachuchay and Esperanza for the treat!
That’s the price you get from social climbing Lol. 




manong calbo said...

May nilulutong meeting ng blog club sa Salcedo market. hehe ^_^

Jack said...

Manong calbo - ooh na check ko na ok ako next sat pero di pa final kasi sobrang busy ko may deadline ka me second week of April eh :o)

kay said...

wow ... thanks Jack! tonight sana pwede kayo ...

aisa said...

baliw lang! haha

aisa said...

Keep on posting, this kind of blog is worth my time reading..nakakatanggal ng stress..kidding aside, your english is improving keep it up! haha

Jack said...

Kay - :o( hindi ako pepede sobrang hectic ng sched

Jack said...

Aisa - thank you im working on it

aisa said...

Anong NBSB?

aisa said...

mukha kang matalino dun sa first pic...hehehe

Jack said...

Aisa - tanong mo kay pareng gughel

aisa said...

busy kasi si pareng gughel, and i think you're better than him na.

aisa said...

magkano nagastos nyo dun sa MSE resto? ano ba name pala? you did not mention

Jack said...

Aisa - this topic is about friendship not food. you can ask pareng gughel to know about the restau around MSE and the prices.

LOL sungit. Banapple yun una, Kanin Club yun second, Seattle pangatlo.

Banapple tig 300 lang nagastos namin sulit may main dish and dessert cake

sa Kanin Club parang Max and price

Libre mo ko sa Mary Grace

Esperanza said...

Una sa lahat, thank you for mentioning me here in your wonderful blog. Kahit kadalasan ini-stressed mo ang aking pagka-senior citizen para okrayin ako...Pero sige okay lang..Basta lagi mo itong iisipin, tatanda ka rin...Bwuahahaha....

Kidding aside, masarap tumanda while gaining wisdom from experiences and people you encounter everyday. Continue being interested with people and learn from them while maintaining your positive outlook in life - it will keep you young at heart =)

O sya tama na ito...masyadong nang mushy...hehehe

Jack said...

SP - thank you sa uulitin

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